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Saints Nation: What to Look for in Today’s NFL Games

The Saints are off this week so we can passively watch this weekend's games without the same stress level. Tampa will travel to Atlanta to face the Falcons in the Georgia Dome at noon central and Carolina will host the Rams at noon as well. Suprisingly the Saints have already played two divisional games, and this will be the Falcons/Bucs second, but the Panthers have yet to play a single divisional game. The Bucs are still looking for their first win and if they can beat the Falcons it would really feel like a death blow to Atlanta's chances to digging out of this hole they are in. Carolina is hanging in there, though, and playing very good defense. If they can beat the Rams they will be back at .500 at 3-3. That game is big because it will dictate whether the Saints are three games ahead or two games ahead in the NFC South. You definitely want to root for the Rams. 

Some other games worth paying attention to:

Bengals at Lions: Another noon game, the Lions are 4-2 and a threat to the Saints in their attempt to secure a 1st round bye down the road. Anytime an AFC team can beat an NFC team it doesn't do much for tiebreaking purposes, but it's still a loss for that NFC team and it benefits everyone else in the overall conference standings. So go Bengals!

Cowboys at Eagles: Both are 3-3 and the winner will be atop the NFC East. I guess it doesn't really matter who wins, but the Saints play the Cowboys and have a chance to own a head to head tiebreaker with them. They don't play the Eagles, so maybe we want the Cowboys to win this one since we can take of them ourselves down the road. Still, I know most Saints fans can't root for the Cowboys under any circumstance, so rooting against them is perfectly fine.

49ers at Titans: Another NFC-AFC matchup that could stunt the 9ers' streak and send them a good bit behind the Seahawks.

Broncos at Colts: This has no bearing on the Saints, but man, Peyton Manning against the Colts on Sunday Night is must watch TV. I'm going to enjoy this one.