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Saints Nation: Why I Hate the Falcons

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM SAINTS NATION! We wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday season, and Tyler’s got a nice ANTI ATLANTA post to getting you in the Christmas spirit!

Being a Saints fan this has to be the easiest article to write all season. I truly hate the Atlanta Falcons as it has been this way since I was born a Saints fan. It is a healthy rivalry as both teams play their best football against each other but make no mistake these two teams won’t be handing out Christmas cards to each other anytime soon. The last couple of years it seemed that this series has determined the NFC South champion making each game that much more important.

Reasons I hate the Falcons are long but for the sake of this article I will try to keep it under four as I could go all day talking about how much I hate the Falcons.

1. The team color red is awful to look at.

I hate the color red as I usually associate it with the Atlanta Falcons. The one house rule is no one can wear or own a piece of clothing that is all red as my wife and son has followed this rule. It also doesn’t hurt that that my other team that I hate, Alabama, is also red (more crimson than red but it is still red neverless).

2. The Falcons sign ex-Saints players.

I will not fault a team that goes out and signs players to better their team but the Falcons have done it over the years with some key Saints players. It seems like the ex-Saints players sign with the Falcons just to stick it to the Saints organization but it still doesn’t change when they step on the field in black and red they turn into the villain in the eyes of the Saints fan. I always thought Andersen, Hebert and Horn were some of the greats at their position when they played for the Saints but that all changed when they became Falcons.

3. Falcons fans what are they about?

When you hear about the Saints fans you know what you get: the Superdome is always packed and they are known around the league as one of the most loyal fan bases. Turn to the Falcons and it is the complete opposite of the Saints fans as the Georgia Dome could be mistaken as a library. When is the last time you heard about the Falcons’ fans making it loud for opposing teams… that settles that question.

4. Minor things that I hate about the Falcons.

Remember the year the Falcons went all the way to the NFC championship and lost the Vikings? They had this awful dance… the dirty bird. I used to hate to see Jamal Anderson doing this when they would score a touchdown. I hated the fact that the Falcon fans thought Michael Vick was the answer at quarterback, that really this guy was going to lead them to multiple titles… enough said. The other thing is if Brian Billick calls the game you can bet to hear how Mike Smith is such a great guy as they are brother in laws. I mean how many times can you listen to Brian talk about how Mike can cook a good omelet?

Well I told you guys I would keep it short but I also wanted to tell everyone happy holidays and I can’t wait for the Saints to take the season series on Monday night.