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Saints Nation: Your Social Media Requests, Buy or Sell?

This season, at least for me, unexpected things have happened social media wise. It has been about 2 years since Chad Johnson (back then Ochocinco) was on the Patriots team and when Belichick was asked about social media he made this awesome comment: "I don't twitter, I don't myface, I don't yearbook"

For those who do not know it yet, The Quiet Storm, Marques Colston, who never says anything has made an official twitter account (@MarquesColston). In a little over 2 months he has posted 9 tweets. So he is living up to his reputation. 

The other unexpected thing is Sean Payton getting a twitter account (@SeanPayton). He was pushed into using it by his kids who clearly liked it; from his son Connors Twitter account: 


These guys have one big plus. They are using their twitter account wisely and are not posting much (though you can post more and still be a wise twitter user like Thomas Morstead, @ThomansMorstead). There are some other people who should learn to shut up but clearly never will. And with that I am thinking of Reggie Bush and Roddy White. For some people you should be able to protect yourself and delete their twitter account (or at least let them learn proper English first.)

So my question to you is, who would you like to see on twitter/facebook/myface and who would you like to see have their accounts closed/hacked/destroyed/removed from history?