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Saints Nation’s Shocking Breaking News: Drew Brees Abrutly Retires From Football

This is news that is sure to have most Saints fans crying… I know it has me crying. Inexplicably, Drew Brees has abrutly retired from football. Brees claims the mounting pressure of the labor situation has changed his priorities. In a press release that was just sent moments ago, Brees said “look, I’ve had the weight on my shoulders the last couple months and football just isn’t fun this way”. He went on to explain, “the last two offseasons have been just brutal. After the Super Bowl I was on the road literally every single day with the interviews, celebrations, book tour, media requests… it really was like a circus. I was planning to take it easy this offseason and relax, but then the labor dispute is something I got dragged into. You know me, I can’t commit to anything at less than 110%”.

With the recent birth of his second child, Brees also admitted time away from family began to weigh on him. “I have two sons now and I just never see them. The bottom line is that’s unacceptable based on the values and priorities in my life. I know the fans will be disappointed but I have to do what’s right and what’s best. My kids need me”. Brees also said, “I’ve been Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl MVP, league MVP runner up, Pro Bowler and I was second to Marino in yards… I’m already satisfied with my resume. I’m not saying I 100% won’t pull a Brett Favre and come back. I might. Well, I won’t text inappropriate things to attractive women, I’m talking about the un-retire part. But right now I’m retiring and taking some much needed time off. It could be forever. It could be 2 seasons. Ultimately my family time and faith will dictate my path”.

He also didn’t rule out seeing him elsewhere. “One thing I can promise you is this isn’t the last you’ll hear from Drew Brees. I’ll definitely be around New Orleans and I’ll continue to help the community. I really miss tennis, too, if you remember I beat Andy Roddick in juniors. I’d like to train for a chance to compete at Wimbledon while I’m still young enough to do it. I’m already in talks about receiving a wild card invitation to the tournament and the US Open too… I just need to focus on getting my game to a level where I don’t embarass myself. Who knows, if I one day come back to football the footwork I’ll get from tennis will benefit my play at quarterback down the road.”

More quotes from Brees on this shocking news:

APRIL FOOL’S DAY! HAHAHAHAHA. This is the third year in a row I’ve pulled this. You guys should be used to this by now. As if Drew Brees would retire now at the peak of his game. Come on.

Last year you’ll remember that Reggie Bush got traded to the Steelers for a 4th round pick. 🙂

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