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Saints now have just under $5 million in cap space for 2014

After the Jimmy Graham contract the Saints’ cap room stands are just under $5 million in space. That’s because while Graham’s deal is for $13 million in year one, a lot of that is bonus money which prorates over the life of the deal against the cap. So Graham’s cap figure is $4 million for 2014. That’s over $3 million less than the cap figure hold his franchise tag tender had, and the $1.7 million in prior space adds up to just under $5 million now.

Not that there’s much left to do roster wise, the roster feels pretty set and there’s really no available free agents left on the market at this point. You can check out a list of unsigned free agents still available here. Not much left to get excited about. But if a couple of players capable of helping the team became available at some point during camp/preseason, don’t rule out the Saints being able to extend a couple of 1 year contracts. If nothing else it’s nice to have that flexibility if the right fit comes along. Offensive line depth, covers guys and linebacker depth are still possible needs.