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SN BlogCast ep.2 – We are Loomis!


For this episode, Brian came up with the following scenario: We are both Mickey Loomis, and can each pick 3 free agents to sign. The rules: use the current team as a basis, do not worry about losing/resigning key players, be realistic in your approach (ie don’t add Josh Norman when it’s obvious Carolina will tag/re-sign) and know that grabbing a high paid stud adversely has to effect the other acquisitions. So who would we each add?

We used this list of free agents for our research.
[When you are done reading, tell us about the huge busts we are about to sign and who you would like to see on the Saints.]

Brian Bauer (@SaintBrian9)

The first free agent I’m flying into town Is Janoris Jenkins, CB, Rams. You missed on a corner last year with Browner, but all is not lost – with the right duo at CB (I’m envisioning he and Lewis as your 1-2), Browner plays either a hybrid safety position or as a nickel. He actually excelled more as a freelancer in New England and Seattle, and I could see him doing the same in this situation. Jenkins is only 27, but should be a phase 2 free agent considering some of the bigger names out there. His durability (he played in 15 games last year) is something I definitely like as well. So he’s my first free agent acquisition, and I’m hoping that’s middle of the road free agency money. Marijn?

Marijn Pessers (@Monedula_)

I understand your thing about Browner but I do not believe we need a CB. If you look at the talent we have at CB there is a lot of rookies.
My first pick would be Guard. There are probably more stressing situations but we need an upgrade there. Sadly I think there are no real great names available except for Mathis, but I see him tagging on a few last years at the Broncos or asking too much for his age. I would take a flyer on Chiefs Jeff Allen. He has graded out good, he has some injury history, but if I am not mistaken has finished the season on a good stretch. Chiefs sure would like to keep him but they have a lot of UFAs, so that helps. He is young (26) and would be a good fill in at Guard while a 3rd-5th round draft pick is being groomed to replace Kelemete.


I like the idea of a guard a lot and toyed with it when contemplating my pick. And I like the guy you chose as well – good, solid player with little wear and tear and on the younger side. But I still the CB is a huge need and the young guys aren’t the answer (yet).
Sticking with my first acquisition, my second is a bit of a stunner – I’m scooping Ladarius Green, TE, SD. The guy is younger than Kelce, and about the same age as Ertz. He has big play potential written all over him and doesn’t seem in a huge hurry to return to the Chargers. His name keep him a little under the radar and should push him into week 2 of free agency, and the Saints have a definite need at TE. Green likely gets a similar payday to Watson, and while I love the guy, Green is younger and has a bright future ahead of him. He instantly becomes a great Brees target, and instantly upgrades the Saints offense in a year where they’ll likely be unable to otherwise. That’s my pick.


Nice one! I put the idea of Green on par with the idea of adding Spiller last year. Lets’ hope this one comes true as well and works out better. Saints indeed need a TE so they might want to spend a bit, especially if Watson retires. Fleener would be a good second. He has Luck but is not effective enough.
My second pick. I should go defense but I don’t want to haha. I know offensive guys better then defense. The last need for the team is at WR. The addition of Bennett would be awesome, but the Saints will not break the bank for him, so realistically he is not a good fit that way. However you need a tall route running guy. A guy I like is Mohamed Sanu (Bengals). No super star but he is constantly the one getting the points in Fantasy Football when AJ Green is out. He is 6’2″, relatively young, attainable for a decent price. He also gets wildcat snaps and can throw too. He is something Payton could play with and put a trick play or 3 in the playbook.


With my final pick I’m going back to defense and grabbing Malik Jackson, DL, Denver. He’s 26, coming off a great season and I doubt Denver pays him to return after paying Derek Wolfe. Per PFF: “Jackson will surely cash in somewhere as a disruptive interior pass rusher, even if it’s not with the Broncos. Amongst 3-4 defensive ends, only J.J. Watt, Muhammad Wilkerson, and Fletcher Cox had more total pressures.” Sounds like the pass rusher the Saints have been missing to me.


For my last pick I am too going for the same position. We need something on defensive line. There is a lot of young talent and even more to come but we need tome real veteran presence, and with that I mean OLD dude. My first thought was Justin Tuck, but he retired so I am going with Haloti Ngata. A 2 year contract for a guy that has seen a lot in the NFL might work for him.

So that are our 3 picks. To wrap it up do you have something to add? A position we missed? I think the Saints should be looking at Weak side linebacker as well. One thing I would like to ask you Brian; what happened to Breaux? I missed it the first time but you do not see Breaux as a starting CB for the Saints in 2016?


I do, but given the Saints lack of health at the CB position, to me, it takes a village. You add Jenkins to the mix and you can slide players around all over the place creating different looks. Remember, this season it was Breaux, Browner and Lewis, and the former was the only one who looked the part (Lewis via injury). Just don’t think you can even have too much in the secondary in the pass-happy NFL.