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Visiting the Greenbrier

You’ll remember the Saints will be having their training camp at the Greenbrier come late July/early August. I just happen to be at the resort for the first time over the next few days for completely unrelated (tennis) reasons. Rumor has it Saints staff are around facilitating with the current construction of the new facility that needs to be done by July. I haven’t had a chance to check out the site yet but will try to do so before my visit comes to a close. Be sure to follow Saints Nation on twitter as I’ll try to post any updates I get.

My first impression of the resort is that I come away very impressed. It’s high class, quite expensive (ok very expensive) and well done. I can see why Sean Payton fell in love with it. There’s a number of terrific restaurants in the resort, including a steakhouse owned by former Lakers’ GM Jerry West who lives here. The resort features your typical spa, tennis, fitness and golf course attractions as should be expected too. Of course there’s also a casino at the basement of the resort. Rumor is the Saints’ staff will be staying in the resort whereas the players will most likely be out at the facility.

The trip is absolutely worth it. If you’re considering doing a trip out here, DO IT. It’s not cheap at all, but honestly even without the Saints it’s a place worth coming too. Add in the Saints lure and it’s a no brainer. Hopefully I’ll see some of you reading this out here come training camp!