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76ers hilariously trick fan into thinking he made blindfolded shot

Comedian Jack Whitehall attended the sold-out Celtics-76ers game at London’s O2 Arena, and had the opportunity to win a prize if he made a three-point shot while blindfolded, but he came up a bit short.

Fans, however, did their best to dupe Whitehall into thinking he had made the shot, and it worked.

The 76ers entertainment team and the fans went nuts cheering as if the shot had went in, so when Whitehall took his blindfold off, he was extremely excited. Everyone that congratulated him began jumping around and going nuts at midcourt, with Whitehall clearly convinced he had made the shot.

Unfortunately for him, his shot attempt was eventually shown on the video board, and Whitehall learned that he had actually fired an airball.

The prank was well-executed, but also a bit savage.