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Adam Jones blasts Terrelle Pryor, says he’s ‘garbage’

Bengals quarterback Adam “Pacman” Jones clearly is not a fan of Browns receiver Terrelle Pryor.

He revealed that he doesn’t like Pryor in the time leading up to Sunday’s game, and called him an “OK receiver.” And he continued to rip the Browns’ leading receiver this season after the Bengals emerged victorious 23-10 on Sunday.

Cincinnati’s defense held Pryor to just one catch for three yards, so Jones and his teammates clearly backed up their talk. And speaking of that, there was more of it after the game. Jones continued on with his assessment of Pryor’s skill set.

But he didn’t stop there. Jones also shared some choice words about Pryor during his postgame press conference.

Pryor has yet to respond, but it’d be fair to assume that he’ll take the high road. He was completely shut down in the game, and sometimes you have to just tip your cap and move on.