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Adrian Beltre ejected for moving on-deck circle for some reason (VIDEO)

It really is a shame when umpires take over games in an attempt to come off as authoritative as possible, and that’s exactly what happened during Wednesday’s Marlins-Rangers game.

Beltre, who is one of the most honest and likeable guys in the league, strayed off the on-deck circle, and was warned by umpire Gerry Davis to get back onto the circle.

So Beltre had some fun with him and dragged the circle. He then stood on it, and prepared to warm up again.

Well, Davis was having none of it, and he immediately ejected Beltre once he got back onto the circle.

What Davis didn’t notice, however, is that fans had thrown beer cans near where the circle was initially. And let’s be honest, the Rangers were trailing 18-6 at the time. Davis could’ve let this slide.