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Adrian Peterson postpones his job hunt until after the draft

Former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has yet to find a job and won’t do so before the NFL draft at the end of the month.

While predictable, it’s interesting Peterson doesn’t have any traction toward a new job given his free-agency tour to this point.

Alas, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport provided the latest development:

It’s a big hit for one of the best players of the past decade or more. Peterson is over the age of 30 and has played in one 16-game season since 2012, appearing in just one in 2014 and three in 2016. He plays a devalued position, so whispers of him wanting starter money didn’t seem like a great idea.

Plenty of teams need help at the position, but not at starter money for a guy over the age of 30, no matter what it says on his nameplate.

Once the draft dominoes fall, it’s hard to say if Peterson will land somewhere in a role he wants. Given the success of even mid-round rookies (think Jordan Howard last year), Peterson might have to settle for little cash and a committee role for a contender, should titles be the goal at this point in his career.

While it’s hard to imagine this is it for Peterson, this delay forces one to think about a retirement angle, too. For now, the Peterson speculation can come to a full halt.