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Alabama linebacker yells at staffer in sideline meltdown

Alabama linebacker Mekhi Brown had a meltdown for the ages during the College Football Playoff National Championship game, something that is uncharacteristic of the Nick Saban-coached team.

It happened after Alabama kicked a field goal to cut Georgia’s lead to 20-10 in the third quarter, and Brown was seen getting into it with Bulldogs linebacker Walter Grant on the ensuing kickoff. Brown then punched Grant at the end of the play, and was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty as a result.

The shenanigans didn’t stop there, though.

Brown went to the sideline where he was seen getting into it with Kerry Stevenson, Alabama’s director of player personnel. The Alabama linebacker yelled at Stevenson, and then lunged at him. He was then immediately restrained by a teammate.

Brown was lucky to have not been ejected for punching Grant, and he should have expected the team’s coaches would admonish him on the sideline for the unnecessary penalty. Instead, he went off on them, and will likely see limited playing time during the rest of the game as a result.