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Watch video of Aldon Smith telling reporter to ‘get out of his face’ after public intoxication arrest

Aldon Smith believes the media has made him out to be a villain, and that he’s not the bad guy he’s often portrayed as.

Smith, who is expected to be reinstated some time this month, will get his chance to show that he can stay clean and keep out of trouble. He’s been suspended by the NFL since November 2015, and has had plenty of time to reflect, work out and get back on the right track.

What happened early Thursday morning wasn’t really a good start.

Smith was arrested for public intoxication, after a car his girlfriend was driving crashed into a police car. He was detained and eventually released, where he was met by reporters. Smith did give an interview with one of them, and had this to say about the incident:

“I’m doing great. Nothing happened. If I did something I’d be in jail right now. I didn’t do anything.”

He then told the reporter to “get out of his face” at the end of the interview, and proceeded to walk away. It was pretty clear that he was still intoxicated, judging by his slurred speech and demeanor.

Smith always plays the victim role, but that’s not the case. Why he’s out drunk at 8:33 in the morning should be something he needs to evaluate. Nothing good can come of that—certainly not being reinstated by the NFL, which is no guarantee.