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Andre Iguodala’s market heats up fast, has Warriors concerned

Andre Iguodala is an important part of the potential dynasty the Golden State Warriors are trying to build—but it’s not going to be easy to keep him around this summer.

Iguodala, through his sheer talent and the fact the rest of the NBA wants to remove him from the superteam, has a gigantic market as free agency sets to begin.

How drastic is this for the Warriors? ESPN’s Chris Haynes reported a whopping seven teams have an interest:

The Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs, LA Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz are among the teams interested in the 2015 NBA Finals MVP, sources tell ESPN.

What follows is Shams Charania of The Vertical documenting how worried the Warriors are about this development:

This is the price of holding the crown—why handicap a franchise for years in pursuit of forming a superteam when the rest of the league can collectively work to dismantle it by offering key free agents big money elsewhere?

And Iggy is a key free agent in every sense of the description—so much so Kevin Durant isn’t signing his new deal with the team until the Warriors figure out other financial situations like Iggy’s, as we noted recently.

Golden State doesn’t have the ammo to win a bidding war like this, and most of the teams interested in Iguodala make sense.

The Iguodala watch is officially underway.