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Anthony Lynn believes he can get the most out of Melvin Gordon’s untapped potential

Two years into his career, Melvin Gordon has been a disappointment for the Los Angeles Rams.

Gordon, the No. 15 pick in 2015, has just 1,638 yards and 10 touchdowns on a 3.7 per-carry average, numbers helping to illustrate his rough time adapting to the league, reading lanes and forcing his way through contact.

Ask new Chargers coach Anthony Lynn, though, and things are about to change. Lynn spoke with ESPN’s Eric D. Williams:

“I’ve watched some tape on him,” Lynn said. “Man, he has some upside. He did a hell of a job from his rookie year to his sophomore year. And I told him we can take this to another level. We’re going to do some things running-wise that I can think can help him.”

Asked how this might happen, though, and Lynn tightened up:

He’s not there yet,” Lynn said. “But that’s what is encouraging to me. When I look at the tape, I say, ‘Oh my goodness, we can help him get better here and here.’ And he’s already good. But there’s more yards [to be gained].”

This is hardly the first time Lynn has talked up his star running back. And Gordon is a ridiculously talented player, though poor offensive line play hasn’t helped him much over the course of his first two years.

Upgrades in key areas and smarter deployment could have Lynn looking like a fortune teller if he can get Gordon playing well and living up to his draft slot.