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Atlanta Walmart trolls Falcons over Super Bowl loss (PHOTO)

The Atlanta Falcons still can’t escape the jeers stemming from their collapse in Super Bowl LI.

Fans who were in attendance for the Super Bowl rematch at Gillette Stadium a few weeks ago showed off a number of funny signs and also made their voices heard during the game, and the Falcons were blown out by the Patriots.

After the game was in the books, it seemed like the talk about Super Bowl LI was finally over with, but we now know that’s not the case.

A Walmart in the Atlanta area trolled the team with an interesting price on its Falcons coolers — poking fun at the 28-3 score, a large deficit which the Patriots later came back from in the game en route to victory.

The Falcons will need to string together some wins if they really want the troll jobs to stop.