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Ayesha Curry reveals that Steph ‘loves’ her feet, gets photos of them

Ayesha Curry spilled the beans on Stephen Curry’s foot fetish on Friday.

Mrs. Curry appeared on the daytime talk show “The Real,” and she was asked to show an unusual photo that could spark a funny topic of debate. It’s safe to say she delivered on this particular edition of “Cellphone Realette.”

While scrolling through her phone, Curry shared a photo of her feet. The crowd, as well as her co-hosts, went silent, as they awaited the explanation behind this unusual photo. Mrs. Curry then explained why she chose it, and revealed that Steph has a thing for her feet.

“My husband really loves my feet,” she said. “So when he says to send nudes, that’s what he’s getting a picture of, my bare feet.”

We can already envision Steph regretting his wife sharing that story, as his teammates will likely poke some fun at him with some clever jokes and zingers this season.

As for now, Steph will be putting his best foot forward, as the team gets set to take on the Kings tonight. Check out the official preview from Doc’s Sports Service for a full rundown on what to expect in the game.