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Baron Davis takes a shot at Kevin Durant on Twitter

Former NBA’er Baron Davis played for the Warriors from 2005-08, so it was a bit surprising when he took a shot at one of the team’s stars during their Christmas Day game against the Cavs.

Davis took to Twitter to weigh in about Durant’s shove on Jose Calderon in the first quarter of the game. Durant somehow avoided picking up a technical foul on the play, which is important, because he had already got hit with a tech earlier in the quarter for arguing with an official over a non-call. Had he picked up the second one, for his contact on Calderon, he would’ve been ejected. In case you missed it, here’s the play in question.

Davis posted a tweet in which he called Durant a “tattle tell” following his shove on Calderon.

Durant has been called soft by his critics in the past, which is why he earned the “cupcake” nickname. However, “tattle tell” is something we haven’t heard before, so maybe Davis knows something we don’t. Still, it was odd that he would call out a member of the team he once played for — on Christmas, no less.