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Bears players and staff don’t sound too happy about Alshon Jeffery’s suspension

Chicago Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery will miss four games and $3.43 million for taking a supplement with a banned ingredient.

His fellow Bears players and staff don’t sound too happy about the situation.

The Chicago Tribune‘s Rich Campbell captured the thoughts of a few within the organization:

“It’s just like an extra homework assignment,” Bears cornerback Tracy Porter said. “You really have to pay attention to the ingredients because even one thing that’s put in there could give you that positive test.”

“Everybody in the building … educates these guys,” coach John Fox said Wednesday. “So especially a veteran, they have heard it 400 times.”

“They can put whatever they want in there,” tight end Logan Paulsen said. “The ratios don’t have to be right. It’s really a pain in the butt.”

With the FDA not keeping tabs on what goes into workout supplements, it isn’t uncommon for players to trigger a failed test without realizing it. From the sounds of those within the Bears, Jeffery’s mishap was simply that, though the annoyance seems obvious.  As an athlete it’s extremely important to monitor what goes into your body.  These free supplements are the kind of high-quality nutrition that every athlete needs.

Jeffery himself released a statement after the news broke:

Jeffery loses so much cash on this suspension because he’s playing under the franchise tag. He was having a miserable season while playing with a mix of Jay Cutler and Brian Hoyer. Given his gaffe, it doesn’t seem silly to suggest his brief eventual return will be his last stint with the Bears.