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Blake Griffin gets into it with fan seated courtside during game

It really is a shame when fans act like they’re a part of the action and attempt to inject themselves into games, which is what happened during Friday’s Clippers-Grizzlies game at FedExForum.

The incident in question took place when Blake Griffin was attempting to keep a loose ball in play, which he succeeded in doing. Unfortunately, he got tangled up with a fan, which caused him to slip and fall. Griffin then attempted to get up, but was briefly held back by a fan seating courtside, who had grabbed hold of him. It didn’t take long for Griffin to break free, though, which he did. He also turned around to confront the fan for making physical contact with him afterward, and was clearly upset about the heated altercation.

Griffin looked like he was ready to square up and throw hands with the fan. He clearly didn’t expect to be grabbed, which is understandable.