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Blake Griffin throws ball at referee, gets technical

Clippers big man Blake Griffin learned a lesson about how to act toward the officials during Wednesday’s game.

Griffin, for some reason, elected to launch a basketball at a referee’s feet with a few minutes remaining in the matchup against the Celtics. It happened with 2:45 left in the contest, after Griffin had kicked the ball out to teammate Wesley Johnson, who drained a three-pointer. The loose ball ended up near Griffin’s feet, and an official was looking to have the Celtics inbound it. Griffin could’ve just rolled or tossed the ball to the referee, but instead elected to throw it quite hard at the official’s feet. The referee calmly moved his foot aside to dodge it, and then assessed a technical foul to Griffin.

It’s unclear if Griffin was frustrated at the score, with his team trailing by 13 points at the time, or if he was unhappy with the officials over a previous call. Still, launching the ball at a referee isn’t a good idea, and Griffin paid the price.