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Bobby McCain claims he was defending himself on Danny Amendola punch

Dolphins cornerback Bobby McCain had an interesting reason as to why he threw a punch at Patriots receiver Danny Amendola, which led to him getting ejected from Sunday’s game.

McCain claimed he was just trying to get Amendola off him, which is interesting, being that he was on top of the Patriots receiver, who was on the ground at the time. Nevertheless, McCain elaborated on what happened during the heated altercation, and told reporters he was just defending himself after Sunday’s game was in the books.

“At the end of the day, I have to defend myself,” McCain said, via James Walker of ESPN.com. “I didn’t want to punch anybody. I didn’t want to hit anybody. But I was trying to get (Amendola) off me, and they called it a punch.”

The Dolphins cornerback then explained what happened leading up to the punch.

“He grabbed me by the neck,” McCain said. “He grabbed me by the face mask one time — just a lot of extra stuff. But it was extra by both of us. We were both in the wrong. I’m going to be honest and a man. We were both in the wrong. Unfortunately, I was the one who got ejected.”

It didn’t appear that McCain was trying to hurt Amendola, but he probably could’ve chosen a better option to help disengage from the Patriots receiver, rather than taking a swing at him.