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Brad Stevens jokes about suspending Marcus Morris for doing Eagles chant

Marcus Morris has a rooting interest in Super Bowl LII that isn’t shared by most Celtics fans.

Morris, who is a Philadelphia native, has been rooting for his hometown Eagles, and will be doing so in Super Bowl LII. He’s been vocal in supporting the Eagles on social media, as you can see from the following tweets.

Not only that, Morris also provided a funny moment during Celtics head coach Brad Stevens’ press conference on Saturday. The Celtics forward interrupted the presser by doing the “E-A-G-L-E-S” chant, which prompted Stevens to say the following.

“He’ll be suspended for the foreseeable future,” Stevens joked, which drew some laughs from reporters.

The Celtics are set to square off against the Trail Blazers at noon on Sunday, so Morris will have plenty of time to prepare for and watch the big game.