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Watch Bradley Beal commit biggest flop of NBA Playoffs so far

Bradley Beal went airborne during Thursday’s playoff matchup against the Celtics, but it was pretty much all his own doing.

There was so much physical contact and hard fouls in the game — leading to three ejections and eight technical fouls — that Beal tried to play off that and draw a foul on Al Horford, who had set a screen for Isaiah Thomas at one point.

The thing is that Horford never even really touched Beal, yet he was sent flying and hit the deck hard, which was pretty funny, because he didn’t even draw a foul.

And now we get to watch this flop attempt, over and over.

Why Beal even tried that is beyond me. The Wizards were up by 20+ points throughout most of the game. Don’t players usually flop/attempt to draw fouls only in close games?