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Brandon Jacobs goes to bat for Eli Manning amid memorabilia scheme allegations

Former New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs doesn’t want to hear about Eli Manning’s alleged involvement in a memorabilia scheme.

For those out of the loop, a report by Kaja Whitehouse and Bruce Golding of the New York Post suggested Manning had a role in a scheme to pass off memorabilia as game worn, citing emails.

Jacobs, though, isn’t buying it. Peep his Instagram post:


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At least in the public eye, Manning has never seemed like one to get himself involved in such a scheme. He certainly doesn’t need the money, either.

Jacbos wasn’t alone in defending his former quarterback. The Giants themselves released a statement suggesting the context of the emails sheds a different light on the situation:

The hunt for the truth is on no matter how many statements get released. Eventually the full context of the emails will come to light and settle the matter.

Until then, former and current teammates alike will rush to defend Manning, as they should. There’s no point in rushing to judgement on something like this until all the details come out. Until they do, it’s an interesting side story during the month of the draft.