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Brock Osweiler gifts offensive linemen custom-made suits

The offensive linemen for the Houston Texans are dressing a little better these days thanks to Brock Osweiler.

The starting quarterback got each of his offensive linemen a custom-made suit.

“It was part of their Christmas gift,” Osweiler said Wednesday, via the Houston Chronicle. “The offensive line, in my eyes, has done a tremendous job this year. There’s been multiple games where there’s been no sacks. There’s been multiple games where there are very few hits, if any.”

The Texans offensive line allowed just 32 sacks during the regular season, tied for 11th-fewest with the Kansas City Chiefs. In Saturday’s wild-card game against the Oakland Raiders, the offensive line didn’t allow a single sack nor one hit on the quarterback.

 “I just really appreciate everything those guys do. Playing in the trenches, you don’t get a lot of credit, but you’re getting beat up. A lot of those guys this time of year are put together with duct tape and glue, it seems like. It was just a way to say thank you and my appreciation towards those guys.”

The Texans are hoping for a better performance out of the offensive line in Sunday’s divisional round against the New England Patriots. In Week 3, the Patriots sacked Osweiler twice en route to a 27-0 rout of the Texans.