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Bruce Pearl, Alabama strength coach get into heated altercation after game

Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl was visibly upset after Friday’s 81-63 loss to Alabama in the SEC Tournament, when he got into it with a Crimson Tide staffer in the handshake line.

Pearl’s emotions were running high after the game, when he was seen yelling at Alabama’s strength and conditioning coach, Lou DeNeen.

Pearl later stated that DeNeen got in his way and attempted to make contact with him, according to ESPN’s Alex Scarborough.

“[DeNeen] was in my path and I had to try to negotiate around him,” Pearl said. “I think he may have clipped me and then he said something to me. And of course I should be able to walk off the floor without somebody standing in front of me and trying to make contact with me. That’s all it was.”

It’s likely that Pearl was upset about his team’s performance in the game, which may have played a role in how upset he was. Still, if DeNeen did indeed make contact with him, then the Crimson Tide staffer was clearly out of line.