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Carmelo Anthony booed by Knicks fans after missing shot (VIDEO)

It’s been a rough year for Carmelo Anthony, as his shots really aren’t consistently falling.

He’s shooting only 42 percent from the floor this year, and that’s with having more playmakers around him (Kristaps Porzingis, Derrick Rose, etc) to allow him to get better looks.

Things are getting so ugly that he’s even getting booed at Madison Square Garden, which happened during Thursday night’s game against the Bulls. Melo set up near the top of the key, and just casually pulled up for a three-pointer over Robin Lopez. The result was an airball, as he missed badly.

Knicks fans responded by booing him.

You can’t blame the fans for voicing their opinion. Melo would’ve been better suited passing the ball and getting his teammates involved, rather than attempting a contested pull-up jumper from distance.