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Carmelo Anthony showcases work ethic with late-night workout video

Carmelo Anthony is so motivated to play for a contender that he’s working out at approximately ttely 2wo in-the-morning, apparently.

Melo, who now, reportedly, would be open to waiving his no-trade clause if he were potentially joining the Rockets or Cavs, recently posted a workout video showing him running both forward and laterally at 1:49 a.m. ET. on a small field somewhere in NYC late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

Melo putting in work at 1:49 am. 👀 (via @cbrickley603)

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That’s some serious dedication from Melo, but being the star on a team that had previously been run by Phil Jackson will do that to you.

Melo clearly wants to win, and appears to be on his way out of New York, so he’ll likely do whatever it takes to show he’s motivated and wants to contribute on a legit contender.