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Carmelo Anthony trade rumors pop up again, with star SF reportedly shooting them down

Much of the drama surrounding the New York Knicks right now pertains to Derrick Rose, though fans have to understand Carmelo Anthony trade rumors aren’t going anywhere.

How could trade rumors go away? Instead of flourishing with the arrivals of Rose and Joakim Noah, the Knicks have only won 18 games and sit 10th in the Eastern Conference. To even the casual eye, the Knicks look like a struggling team ready to rebuild, not contend for a playoff spot.

Alas, Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders revealed Anthony won’t waive his no-trade clause:

Carmelo Anthony is due for a new round of trade rumors, but like previous years where Anthony trade ideas were kicked around, he controls his future with his no-trade clause. A source close to Anthony says he’s unwilling to green-light a trade out of New York, even with how bad it’s turned.

Anthony, who averages 22.1 points and 6.1 rebounds per game this year, has remained adamant he wants to stick with the Knicks no matter what. This latest rumor confirms the notion.

New York doesn’t have many other ways to improve right now, as teams aren’t going to want the contract of someone like Noah, who is perhaps the best and most realistic trade asset the team has right now after Anthony.

Given this update, the odd downward spiral of the Knicks, featuring ejections by Anthony and odd absences by a starting point guard, only figures to continue.