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Celtics fan gets intricate Isaiah Thomas tattoo, and IT appreciates it

Isaiah Thomas no longer plays for the Celtics, but one particular fan still has some admiration for him, apparently.

Thomas, who was traded to the Cavs back in August, has yet to suit up for his new team yet, as he recovers from a hip injury he suffered in the Eastern Conference Finals last season. He participated in shootaround before Thursday’s game against the Bulls, though, and it appears that he’ll return in the coming weeks.

And while Thomas may no longer play for the Celtics, he’s been immortalized (essentially) on a fan’s leg, in the form of a tattoo. The tattoo is incredibly intricate, and even displays the tattoos that Thomas himself has on his chest.

Thomas replied to the tweet and added that he’s a fan of the tattoo.

That’s about as good as it gets when it comes to body ink.