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Chad Johnson blasts Cowboys for poor playcalling in Twitter rant

Former NFL receiver Chad Johnson was not happy with the offensive play selection by the Cowboys coaching staff during their Thanksgiving Day game against the Chargers, and he made sure to let the world know about it.

With the Cowboys trailing the Chargers, 16-0, Johnson took to Twitter and sounded off about the team’s offensive playcalling, and did not hold back in a not safe for work rant before the third quarter kicked off.

“No targets to Dez at all is blasphemy, this is absolutely un-f—ing-acceptable after 2 quartets of play, who is calling the plays, just a simple smoke route, slant or hitch just to make a ni**a feel part of the team & keep him mentally in the game,” Johnson wrote.

The Cowboys later scored a touchdown, set up by an 18-yard completion on a back-shoulder pass to Dez Bryant. Johnson seemed to be appeased by it, and sent this tweet shortly thereafter.

Maybe the Cowboys should hire Johnson and have him call the plays on offense from here on out.