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Charles Oakley wants to see Carmelo Anthony free himself of the Knicks

Carmelo Anthony might want to tough it out with the New York Knicks no matter what Phil Jackson has to say about the matter.

But not everyone agrees with the idea.

Take NBA legend Charles Oakley. Often in the headlines for one reason or another, Oakley just had a strong interview with TMZ in which he talked about Anthony’s situation and the organization:

“I think he just needs to get out of New York,” he said. “This city is just you know, so much going on with management. You know, you deserve better but you have to speak up for yourself.”

Of course, Oakley isn’t too fond of the Knicks these days thanks to his beef with James Dolan. But the man has a point—and Jackson himself said recently the two sides should probably go their separate ways.

If only it were so easy. Anthony has been clear since he came to New York he wants to help build the Knicks into a contender. With both sides seemingly nearing a split, though, the Knicks wouldn’t get much in return for Anthony on the trade market.

Where Anthony would land is another problem. A contender might like having his services next year, but maneuvering around his big cap hit isn’t easy.

No matter what happens, chalk Oakley as one notable voice—a franchise legend at that—who wants to see Carmelo do better for himself by leaving the Knicks.