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Chris Paul explained why he scored meaningless basket which upset Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard seemed to feel that Chris Paul was running up the score late in Wednesday’s game, but CP3 didn’t appear to agree.

The Rockets were preparing to inbound the ball for what could have been the final possession of the game, when Paul cut to the basket, and received the ball. He then scored a meaningless layup to give his team a 121-112 lead.

Lillard was not happy about it, and he was seen confronting Paul (watch here). The two exchanged words, and the Trail Blazers guard also attempted to slap the ball out of CP3’s hands before walking away.

Lillard spoke to reporters after the game about the conversation he and Paul had, and said CP3 told him he scored because the team wasn’t guarding him.

The Blazers guard was a bit candid regarding how he felt about the play in question, and he was clearly upset about it.

In Lillard’s defense, Paul really should’ve just run out the clock there, which is what most players in his position would’ve done. It appeared as if he was padding his stats a bit, and defended himself for doing so after the game.