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Chris Sale sends a message to Manny Machado early in game (VIDEO)

The Red Sox wasted no time sending a message to Manny Machado, after he pimped a home run during Monday night’s game.

Machado took his time rounding the bases after the home run, and his slow jog drew plenty of boos from Red Sox fans.

So, the team sent a message to him early in Tuesday’s game, which made for quite a bizarre sequence. Adam Jones was the second Orioles hitter to come to the plate in the AL East matchup, and he received a standing ovation from Red Sox fans, after the racial tirades he received the night before.

Machado followed, but he did not get an ovation. Instead, Chris Sale sent a message by throwing behind him.

Gotta love the unwritten rules of baseball, which is part of what makes it great.