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Clemson DT Christian Wilkins has job as substitute kindergarten teacher

There are no guarantees for athletes, and a number of them pursue other endeavors off the field, just to make sure they have a backup job in mind in case their sports career doesn’t pan out.

For Clemson’s 300-pound defensive tackle Christian Wilkins, teaching the youth is his alternative career, apparently.

Wilkins revealed that he’s been working as a substitute kindergarten teacher since Clemson lost to Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

“It was fun, but took a lot out of me,” Wilkins told Chris Low of ESPN. “I felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Kindergarten Cop’ with all those little kids. Talk about energy, but it was a real cool experience.”

He’s certainly right about kids absorbing a lot of energy. Imagine a 300-pounder running around and catering to requests from five-year-olds. That sounds tiring just thinking about it.