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Cody Zeller, Hassan Whiteside get into shoving match (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Hassan Whiteside and Cody Zeller don’t get along on the court.

Whiteside threw Zeller to the ground when the two squared off a year ago, and Wednesday night’s game featured the second installment in the beef series.

It happened when the two got tangled up, with Whiteside flailing his arms. Luckily, no one got hit by his elbow, but Zeller wasn’t happy about it, so he got in his opponent’s face and shoved him. Whiteside responded with a shove of his own, but the scuffle was then broken up as quickly as it started.

Whiteside was hit with a technical foul, while Zeller got a personal foul, and that was the end of it.

Also, if interested, here was the previous skirmish between the two from last April.

The two aren’t BFFs, that’s for sure.

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