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Colin Kaepernick still wants a chance to play in the NFL

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick isn’t giving up on his pursuit of another NFL job.

Kaepernick has spent his time away from football after being cut by the 49ers doing extensive charity work. Though some might suggest he’d rather focus his efforts there as opposed to the football field, Dave Zirin of The Nation says otherwise.

Kaepernick has made waves this offseason with his work, whether it’s donating suits to parole offices or empowering and educating youth, among other endeavors.

His visibility away from football makes it easier to wonder about his future in football, though his absence has more to do with the league’s decision making.

Two lines of thought exist on Kaepernick. One says his protests of the national anthem last year soured teams on him and they don’t want to take the PR hit. Another says it has more to do with scheme fit and his ability to play the game.

Nobody in the league will talk about the first point. The second point make some sense. Kaepernick is a known commodity at 29 years old, even if he did make the best of what he could in a miserable situation last year, throwing 16 touchdowns to four interceptions. A team isn’t going to trot him out as a starter anymore and definitely isn’t going to adjust the scheme for a backup quarterback, so unless a team like Seattle comes calling with a proper fit, Kaepernick will probably have a hard time finding a job.

Which would be a shame. Kaepernick at least has something to offer teams as a training camp body, where he can from there compete for a job again.