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Conor McGregor shares update about potential MMA bout with Floyd Mayweather

It sounded crazy at first, but Conor McGregor may actually get the rematch he’s been searching for — on his turf.

McGregor got taken to school by the GOAT — Floyd Mayweather Jr. — in the boxing ring, which led The Notorious One to plead for a rematch in the Octagon.

But it may never happen.

The two sides have apparently been negotiating, and McGregor finally addressed it in a recent Instagram post.

Here’s what he wrote:

I am happy for Floyd and his recent announcement that he is out of these current fight negotiations. It is the reason I never seeked the rematch in the first place. I was happy for him in retirement. My game is a very unforgiving one. It is not like other games. I understand completely him staying retired. I will now carry on in my negotiations and see where it goes. Have a great retirement Junior. Now come here and give your old man a hug for old times sake. I’m proud of you son. Yours truly, Senior.

Mayweather is a bit of a drama queen, so just because he says he’s out, it doesn’t necessarily mean the fight is dead.