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Could a Richard Sherman-Malcolm Butler trade be in the works?

Two of the biggest rumors of the 2017 NFL offseason have been spinning in different orbits.

Who’s to say that these two developments can’t come together and create a Big Bang of a deal?

These rumors involve the Seahawks trading Richard Sherman and the Patriots trading Malcolm Butler.

The Saints have been at the forefront of the talk regarding a deal for Butler, but now that Butler has signed his restricted free agent tender, he could go to any team.

With the Seahawks and Patriots so eager to ship cornerbacks, this seems like a match made in narrative heaven. The Seahawks would bring in the guy who broke their heart in Super Bowl XLIX and Tom Brady would become teammates with his most high-profile trash-talking antagonist.

The Patriots would probably have to sweeten the deal on their end. Although Butler is two years younger, he has six interceptions in three seasons and has made one Pro Bowl. Sherman has made four Pro Bowls, is a three-time All-Pro and has 30 interceptions in six seasons.

New England doesn’t pick until the third round of the draft. It has the 72nd overall pick and the 96th overall pick, the final pick of the third round. It might take one of those picks along with Butler to get Sherman from the Seahawks.

If this deal does involve draft picks, it would have to happen soon. If it does happen, it would make for some interesting conversations between Butler and Russell Wilson as well as Brady and Sherman.