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Cristiano Ronaldo admits he has no more dreams to fulfill, could that explain lackluster campaign?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2017-18 campaign has been arguably the worst of the soccer star’s career with Real Madrid to date.

Ronaldo has only 14 goals in 20 La Liga matches this year, and there have been some questions about his motivation.

After all, Ronaldo has won multiple La Liga Titles, Champions League titles and five Ballon d’Or awards. What’s left to accomplish?

Not much, apparently.

“I never dreamed I would win five Ballon d’Or awards,” Ronaldo said in an interview on YouTube channel Central Desimpedidos, which Sky Sports transcribed. “If I had to finish my career now I would do so super happy. I have won everything. If I win another one, two, or three Ballon d’Ors then I will be delighted but if not I already won five.”

He continued:

“I achieved everything I dreamed of in football,” he said. “I really think I have achieved so many nice things that I don’t have any more dreams.”

Ronaldo did add that he’d like to win the World Cup (for Portugal), but given the current state of the team, he probably knows that’s highly unlikely.