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LOOK: Daniel Cormier cries after UFC 214 loss, becomes instant meme

The blogosphere had a field day with Daniel Cormier after he was seen crying in the Octagon following his UFC 214 loss to Jon Jones.

Cormier talked plenty of trash heading into the fight, but at the end of the day, it was Jones who emerged victorious and regained the UFC’s light heavyweight title belt.

After Jones TKO’d Cormier to capture the victory, DC had a hissy fit and tried to leave the Octagon. He ended up staying around for Jones to be announced as the winner, and then did a brief interview with Joe Rogan afterward.

Here was the look on his face that he provided during the interview, complete with tears and all.

Twitter exploded with jokes/memes, as you might imagine.

And with that, #CryingCormier was officially born.