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Danny Ainge opens up about why Celtics traded No. 1 pick to Sixers

Celtics general manager Danny Ainge doesn’t really need to explain himself to anyone, but that hasn’t stopped fans and media members alike from criticizing him and the team’s front office over trading the No. 1 pick away to the Sixers.

Some believed that the Celtics didn’t get a big enough haul, and were hoping to land someone like Dario Saric, even though that would’ve had salary cap implications. Right now, the Celtics are positioned to bring in any type of free agent — including one on a max deal — and that’s a great spot to be in.

Right now, it seems like the reason the Celtics traded the pick away is because they didn’t see a huge downgrade from Markelle Fultz to Josh Jackson or De’Aaron Fox. Or maybe they weren’t comfortable that Fultz and Isaiah Thomas would be able to play well together.

Ainge recently explained why he made the move, and NESN covered the full story, so head over there for the details.

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