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Darrelle Revis gives up, shies away from tackling Derrick Henry on game-sealing run

The Chiefs are likely regretting kicking the tires on Darrelle Revis back in November, as the veteran cornerback turned in an abysmal performance in Saturday’s 22-21 loss to the Titans.

Revis not only looked sluggish throughout the wild-card game, but he was also seen putting forth a lack of effort on one particular play late in the playoff matchup — when it mattered most.

It happened when Titans running back Derrick Henry received a handoff with under two minutes remaining in the game on a third-and-10 scenario. Quarterback Marcus Mariota used a nice block to spring him, but Revis, who was in the area, had a chance to make contact with Henry before he picked up the first down. Instead, he actually slowed down, and just casually jogged toward Henry, who ended up racking up 22 yards to seal the game. The Chiefs, as a result, never got the ball back, and failed to garner their first home playoff win in nearly a quarter century — despite having a 21-3 lead at the half.

Revis also batted a ball right into Mariota’s hands earlier in the game, which resulted in the Titans’ first touchdown of the day. Nothing went right for the veteran cornerback in the game.

That play shown above won’t look good in the film room, that’s for sure. The Chiefs would be wise to release Revis in the offseason. The lack of effort he put forth during the team’s most pivotal game of the season is a bad look for him, and clearly won’t go over well with his teammates.