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Darrelle Revis talks future with Jets after giving up two more touchdowns

It is hard to imagine Darrelle Revis will be with the New York Jets much longer.

Revis has turned into a major liability out of the blue. He struggled in Week 1 against A.J. Green and teams have started targeting him specifically instead of avoiding him.

In a loss to the New England Patriots in Week 12, Revis gave up another two touchdowns to Malcolm Mitchell—a rookie.

No shock, then, the media had a few questions for the former star corner. Connor Hughes of NJ.com captured Revis’ opinion about his future with the team:

It’s [management’s] decision. Everyone has their individual decision. That being said, every year there are different roster changes. You have to see.

We’ll see how it goes.

A smart, no-commitment answer for a guy with a $15 million cap hit next year.

That’s a huge cap hit for a team perhaps needing to free as much as possible and rebuild certain positions. While the Jets might not want to let Revis go outright, there is no chance the team doesn’t at least approach him about a restructure.

It is hard to say what Revis would do from there, but based on his play this year, he wouldn’t receive much in the way of cash on the open market. It is another story if Revis can turn this thing around, but through 12 weeks, there hasn’t been even a hint.