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David West defends himself after Chris Paul’s moves caused ankle injury

Chris Paul put the moves on David West during one particular play in Thursday’s game, which caused the Warriors veteran to suffer a sprained ankle while attempting to guard the Rockets point guard.

CP3 used a few stepback crossover moves to put West on skates, and then proceeded to drain a jumper from the free-throw line. West appeared to twist his left ankle while getting juked by Paul, and was seen limping after CP3 attempted his shot. West left the game shortly after the play in question happened and reportedly suffered a sprained ankle, which will likely result in him missing some time.

West didn’t appear to be too happy about the play after the game, and accused Paul of pushing off. Not only was he on the wrong end of a highlight-reel moment, but he also suffered an injury, so it’s no surprise that he felt the need to explain what happened.

The Warriors veteran forward spoke about the play in question following the 124-114 win, and defended himself by saying Paul got away with pushing off.

“He pushed off, man,” West said, via Marcus Thompson of The Athletic Bay Area. “He was mad because I blocked his shot the play before that.”

It did appear as if Paul pushed off on the play — something he’s been known to do — so it’s completely understandable that West was upset about the sequence of events. The two were once teammates in New Orleans, but it doesn’t look like West is thrilled about what Paul got away with during Thursday’s game, so we doubt that they’ll be hanging out on a banana boat (something CP3 has been known to do) anytime soon.