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Davis Webb hadn’t even met Ben McAdoo before Giants drafted him

Giants offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan’s first impression of Davis Webb was that he’s “tall” and has a “good, firm handshake.”

He must have learned a lot more about the Cal quarterback before the Giants drafted him, right?


Webb’s first firm handshake with Sullivan didn’t come until two weeks after the Giants drafted him.

Neither Sullivan nor Giants head coach Ben McAdoo met with Webb in person before the Giants used a third-round pick, 87th overall, to draft the 6’5″ quarterback. They first met him last week at the start of rookie minicamp.

The only contact the Giants had with Webb came at the scouting combine, according to ESPN.com.

“Heck of guy. All the reports that I read say that he’s very bright, a gym rat. One of those guys that can’t watch enough film. Came across that way, as someone that is very bright and going to be a hard worker. I was generally pleased with the first impression when I first met him (Thursday) night,” Sullivan said.

The Giants presumably were impressed enough with Webb’s tape to draft him even if they didn’t get a good look at him between the ears.

At Texas Tech, Webb beat out Baker Mayfield for a starting job. Mayfield could be a first-round pick next year. On the other hand, Webb was beat out by Patrick Mahomes before transferring to Cal and succeeding Jared Goff.

Filling Goff’s shoes is one thing. Eventually Webb will have to fill Eli Manning’s shoes. How he feels about that might have been a good question to ask him before the draft.

If he fills those shoes well, then perhaps teams might think twice about investing all that time on pre-draft quarterback visits.