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Deion Sanders roasted for wearing flamboyant sports coat on postgame show

NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders has been known to rock outfits that few others in his position can pull off.

Saturday was no different, as Sanders was seen wearing a flamboyant sports coat during NFL Network’s postgame show. Sanders, along with colleagues Chris Rose and LaDainian Tomlinson, broke down the Colts-Ravens matchup. When they were done talking about the game, they then switched to jokes about Sanders’ outfit.

A tweet from a Twitter user who ribbed Sanders for his sports coat was displayed on the screen so viewers could see it. Here’s what it said.

Sanders then defended himself, and had the following to say about his flashy sports coat.

“This jacket is smokin,'” Sanders said.

“I’m trying to pull the color out of the jacket with the neck,” he said. “First of all, I’m stuntin,’ I’m looking real lovely right now. That’s why you commented on me.”

A number of Twitter users weighed in about Sanders’ choice of attire. Here are the best tweets.

Sanders doesn’t seem to shy away from wearing, well, anything.