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DeMarcus Cousins elbows Russell Westbrook in head, gets ejected

DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins, at this point in his career, seldom gets the benefit of the doubt when he’s involved in a questionable call during a game, as his reputation can sometimes play into the decision-making process by officials.

That seemed to be the case on Monday night, when he was ejected from the team’s game against the Thunder for making contact with Russell Westbrook.

It happened in the third quarter of the Western Conference matchup, when Cousins hauled in a rebound. Westbrook went in close to attempt to knock the ball out of his hands, but Cousins held it over his head and swung his elbows a bit, as players are known to do to buy some space from their opponents.

Westbrook, however, absorbed a bit of contact when Cousins’ elbow made contact with his face, and he went down hard. It appeared that he may have embellished the level of contact, though, as he seemed to go down rather easily.

Cousins claimed that Westbrook flopped, and he seemed to have a point. The officials didn’t buy what he was selling, though, and he was hit with a Flagrant-2 foul, which warranted an ejection from the game.

It looked like the decision to eject Cousins was a bit harsh, and may have been based on his reputation. The officials also may have been a bit overprotective toward Westbrook, as he’s one of the league’s biggest stars.