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DeMarcus Cousins interrupts his own interview to celebrate Alabama INT

Pelicans big man DeMarcus Cousins is a difference-maker on the basketball court, but he’s apparently a pretty big football fan as well.

Cousins spoke to reporters in the locker room after Monday’s 112-109 victory over the Pistons, and was candid as usual. At one point, however, he took a hiatus from speaking to the media members, for an important reason: The College Football Playoff National Championship game was on, and Alabama had just produced a big play. Crimson Tide defensive tackle Raekwon Davis came up with a huge interception to help swing the momentum back in Alabama’s favor in the third quarter of the game, and Cousins was pumped about it.

“Run, big boy, run!” Cousins yelled.

Cousins did eventually wrap up his media session after the interception interrupted it, and we’re willing to bet he then proceeded to watch the remainder of the entertaining game.